Don't kill me, Tatsu!! I decided to add a boy that she met when she was younger. His name is Drake and he is 18 year old while she is 14. They met when Yume ran away from her home one night and bump into him. He took her in and care for her that one night until he took her back home. Ever since then they hang out everyday, slowly both of them was falling in love for each other but he had to go to Japan for college. So she ran and met him at the beach.//Yume: D-Drake. y-you can't leave...! Drake: *Bends down to her level and wrap his coat around her* I know you love me...and I love you too but I have to go for college, my dear Yume. Just...wait for me*Softly kisses her* Yume: *Kisses back and watches him leave // Yes, so Yume promise to wait for him o3o